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Amazon Smile

Support The Frederick Center while you shop at Amazon. It costs you nothing, we get something. Super simple, no gimmick here. Go to, designate us as your charity of choice, use to do your regular shopping. You won't notice a thing, but we will! Why not?

1) Go to
2) Login into Amazon if you need to
3) In the Amazon search field type "Change My Charity" (or use the link just below the search field if it is there)
4) Click "Change Charitable Organization"
5) Down below search list for "The Frederick Center" (include "The")
6) As of today it is the second organization down, look for Gay/Lesbian and Frederick, MD. Click "Select"
7) Set your Amazon bookmark to

p.s. This is not tax deductible, Amazon is giving us cut of their profits. Not all purchases eligible. More details on their site.