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About Us

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The Frederick Center is a 501c3 organization that serves the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community and its allies.  Its vision is to be the leading organization for LGBTQ resources and advocacy in central Maryland.


The Frederick Center exists to support and advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people and our families so we thrive, accepted and affirmed, in the broader Frederick community.

Guiding Principles 

  1. Community: We foster a thriving, affirming community of and for LGBTQ+ people. We believe that LGBTQ+ people enrich the lives of the larger community.
  2. Respect: We believe all individuals deserve dignity and respect, whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
  3. Authenticity: We encourage all people to be true to themselves.
  4. Equity: We strive for fairness and better outcomes for people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.
  5. Inclusivity and Intersectionality: We value and promote the diverse perspectives and involvement of people with overlapping social identities (intersections).
  6. Awareness: We believe everyone in our community should understand best practices and policies for supporting and affirming LGBTQ+ people.
  7. Collaboration: We value partnerships with other organizations and individuals to carry out our mission.
  8. Transparency: We carry out our mission with integrity and clear, accessible communication with each other and the larger community.

Our History

2012: The idea of The Frederick Center was initiated in January 2012 by Austin Beach, then a student at the local community college.  He recognized the lack of resources for LGBTQ youth in central Maryland and decided to do something about it.  He began the process of finding others that shared his vision.  In just a few months he pulled in three others to lay the groundwork for starting an LGBTQ community center.  They were Cindie Beach, Brian Walker, and Diane Iñiguez.  The Youth Group started in April 2012, the first Frederick Pride event occurred in June 2012.  The rest of 2012 was spent developing the bylaws and operating procedures that defined what the center would eventually become, culminating with the filing of government business forms under the name of The Frederick Center. 

2013: A slate of 8 board members were elected to start in January 2013.  We were officially incorporated in the state of Maryland and submitted our 501(c)(3) application for federal not-for-profit recognition.  We had 50 weekly youth group meetings, started a monthly Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Peer Support group, started a twice-monthly sexual abuse survivors adult peer support group called Peaceful Connections, hosted the 2nd annual Frederick Pride with triple the attendance, and started a monthly adult community networking event called Pink Drinks.  We've entered a mutual HIV support agreement with the Frederick County Department of Health, are part of the team putting on an anti-bullying suite of programs for 2014, and established connections with other agencies and organizations.  2013 Annual Meeting Screensaver

2014: Granted 501(c)(3) status retroactive to incorporation date of 4/2013.  Frederick Pride moved to downtown Carrol Creek Park, attendance tripled again to 3,000.  Opened office in donated space at Grace UCC on East 2nd St.  Started HIV Test Kit Distribution program.  Joined area organizations and participated in government initiatives to represent LGBTQ in central Maryland.  2014 Annual Meeting Minutes.

2015: A year of community outreach and more for The Frederick Center (TFC)! We have started and
enhanced many programs at TFC which include:
  • Offering LGBTQ 101 training courses for government agencies, non-profit organizations, social service organizations, police forces, hospitals, schools, and more. 
  • Established working relationships with The Frederick County Department of Health, Free State Legal, Youth Equality Alliance, the Child Fatality Review Board, Human Relations Commission,
  • HIV/AIDS coalition and The Student Housing Initiative Partnership.
  • Are planning a day-long seminar for 2016 titled Welcoming Frederick.
  • Added a paid counselor to lead two youth meetings a month.  Our Youth Group continues to grow, directly servicing over a hundred youth throughout the year.
  • The TFC Transgender support group continues to meet monthly.
  • Partnering with the Frederick County Health Department, TFC is distributing take-home HIV test kits at community events.
  • Received a $25,000 endowment.
  • Added paid membership.
Finances are strong, the Board of Directors is strong, and we are growing. Planning has begun to develop a physical Frederick Center location where community members can gather. 

Current Board of Directors here


IRS 501(c)(3) Status (46-1705400 effective Apr 5, 2013)
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