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The Frederick Center wants our LGBTQ+ kids to reach age 21 in good physical and mental health


BULLYING: 34.2% OF LGB YOUTH were bullied on school property vs. 17.6 straight youth; 26.6% OF LGB YOUTH were bullied electronically vs. 13.2% straight youth.

ASSAULT: 14.3% OF LGB YOUTH were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, vs. 6.5% straight youth.

MENTAL HEALTH: 62.9% LGB YOUTH felt hopeless in the past year, a suicide marker, vs. 23.6% straight youth. 46.5% OF LGB YOUTH seriously considered suicide in the past year, vs. 11.7% straight youth.


BULLYING: 81% reported harassment; 6% reported harassment so severe the student left school.

ASSAULT :38% reported physical assault; 16% reported sexual violence

MENTAL HEALTH: 1 in 2 transgender children have attempted suicide before age 20.

The Frederick Center formed its Youth and Young Adult Groups to provide a facilitated, affirming place where LGBTQ youth can get support and gain knowledge, skills, confidence, and life skills to help them thrive in home, school, and other societal environments that are implicitly or explicitly hostile. We formed the TransFamily Group to give parents and caregivers of trans/ gender expansive youth a safe space to share affirming information about their child, including medical, legal, and other resource materials. The programs are unique, and they are critical to helping our LGBTQ youth thrive. Through the Unity Campaign, The Frederick Center needs to raise $2,500 to support these youth programs.

To donate directly to the campaign text UnityFrederick37 to 71777 or visit Unity Campaign Frederick - The Frederick Center page. *All money raised via this campaign will be given to The Frederick Center for the stated purposes*

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  • Frederick HIV Coalition
  • LGBTQ Awareness and Sensitivity Training for government and service organizations
  • Visible online presence
  • Frederick Pride
  • more ...
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