Allow your passion to guide you. Make a positive impact in Central Maryland’s LGBTQ community by emailing a coordinator below to assist with a bullet point item.

Outreach -  outreach@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Plan/perform LGBTQ 101 presentations to governmental and non-governmental organizations

  • Plan/implement TFC presence at events (In The Street, other Prides, health fairs, etc.)

  • Join organizations to represent TFC and LGBTQ interests while promoting synergies

  • Identify ways to increase visibility with the LGBTQ community and its allies

  • Coordinate the annual Welcoming Frederick program, Carnival and other non-Pride events on behalf of TFC

Adult Services - adultservices@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Recruit and maintain our database of volunteers and schedule volunteers for TFC efforts

  • Pink Drinks coordinator - find/schedule hosts, send invitations, work with hosts

  • Editor of TFC email newsletter

  • Develop/maintain a 20s/30s networking group

  • Coordinate general interest LGBTQ seminars

  • Support Trans/GNC & Parents of Trans/GNC Peer Support Groups

Youth Services - youthservices@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Youth Group specific - be a trained regular adult food volunteer

  • Youth Homelessness - project to join/vet other organizations for long term solutions

  • Youth crisis phone tree - put together contact info on vetted organizations that supply immediate help; document/train/execute our procedures for handling such a crisis

HIV Coalition - hiv@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Plan/execute test kit distributions at events (AIDS days, health fairs, other organizations

  • Plan/perform HIV presentations to governmental and non-governmental organizations

  • Back office - management of kits, brochures, etc.

Marketing - marketing@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Develop LGBTQ literature materials for schools, businesses, other organizations

  • Be an editor; collaborate on single marketing pieces online (web articles, brochures)

  • Generate regular marketing/PR pieces

  • Back office - Manage TFC marketing lists and schedule mass emails

  • Maintain and update social media accounts, website, online profile

Membership - membership@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Develop membership benefits

  • Develop a membership packet (welcome letters, renewal efforts, membership cards)

  • Coordinate membership campaigns and goals for TFC

  • Back office - Run the membership database & renewals

Grants & Fundraising - grants@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Research available grants

  • Write grant proposals

  • Create/execute fundraising campaigns (online, email, letter, etc)

  • Back office - Track grants/sponsors, send thank yous, generate annually recurring efforts

Frederick Pride - pride@thefrederickcenter.org

  • Develop the theme for Frederick’s annual Pride celebration

  • Work with the Pride committee developing events, programming and Pride atmosphere

  • Select an area of focus to develop (entertainment, logistics, concessions, food, sponsorship)

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